Italy - "The Boot"

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Europe’s Boot

Did you know that the country of Italy is shaped like a boot? Italy is a peninsula which means three sides of it are surrounded by water. But the fourth side of Italy is connected to Europe. Italy is surrounded by the Adriatic sea and Mediterranean sea. Italy has a huge area of 116,314 sq feet. There are 57,505,000 people living in Italy right now. Could you imagine living somewhere with that many people because I can’t. Three of the largest cities in Italy are Milan, Naples, and Turin. MIlan has a population of 1,464,000, Naples has a population of 1,203,000 people, and Turin has a population of 1,012,000.

Weather Report!

Could you imagine living somewhere that has a different temperature everywhere you go? The climate in Italy varies quite a bit depending on where you are in the country. For example the weather in Milan can be 28 degrees fahrenheit and in Palermo it can 68 degrees fahrenheit. Wow, that’s 40 degrees warmer! In northern areas of Italy are usually cool. Coastal areas of the south have a mediterranean climate. Mediterranean means it is very different all the time. That means, Italians have a cool winter and they have a very warm and sunny summer.