Germs Are Gross So Stay Away!

How to stay sway and prevent yourself from getting sick.

Every Way To Stay Away.

First off you should always have a pen with you, if you ever sign anything or use a communal pen those are loaded with germs. You should also always have hand sanitizer with you because, when you use bathroom soap it sometimes is contaminated so try to put on the hand sanitizer after. Then whenever you are finished with your class wash you hands because there are lots of germs in a classroom.

You Also Spread Germs.

When you use all these things like washing your hands and using personal items instead of communal items then you helping prevent. When you use something that other people use you are taking in germs and adding them in. Also when you touch something after washing your hands or after using hand sanatizer then your helping other people. Consider all of these tips you are not always just helping you your also helping other people.