Crises in Russia

By Owen Musgrove


  • Located in Northern Asia and east of Europe
  • Under rule of Vladimir Putin
  • Previously ruled by the Soviet Union
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Human Rights

  • Jail time faces those who are either Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT)
  • No Freedom of Speech
  • Obama has previously not met with Putin because of his Laws preventing Human Rights
  • People leaving Russia because they are LGBT
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  • Make it mandatory to change their Human Rights in order to receive financial aid

Economy Free fall

  • Value of the Ruble in plummeting
  • Russian interest rates going up
  • Oil prices and revenue have been cut in half
  • Cant pay International loans
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  • Remove the Western Sanctions
  • Remove the Russian Sanctions
  • Make Food Products available
  • Purchase Russian Oil
  • Make loans available

Environment Pollution

  • Russia currently has two cities and a Lake on the Worlds Most Polluted Places
  • Both Industrial and Nuclear Pollution
  • Both the two cities and the Lake were dumping grounds for the Soviet Union
  • Lake Karachay in Russia is currently the most polluted place in the world
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  • Give financial aid and tools to clean up the polluted areas
  • Fill Lake Karachay with concrete

Why should the United Nations care?

The United Nations should care because LGBT's will begin moving back into Russia, removing the Sanctions on Russia will increase Trade and the economy of Nations around the world and the Pollution won't effect neighboring countries.
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Thank You for listening