By: William Shakespeare

Romeo's Monologue

Oh, how I wish if I can trust my dreams, then some blissful news is soon to come. Love rules my heart, and all day long an odd sensation has been making me merry. I had a dream that my precious lady came and found me deceased. It was an odd dream that let a dead man like me think! My precious lady came back and brought me back to life by kissing my lips. I arose from the deceased and was a ruler. Oh, my! How charming it would be to really have the lady I love, when just about love makes me so content.



Through this play/novel, I have learned a couple lessons. One of them being to think before you act. For example, to not make quick and silly decisions like when Romeo wanted to kill himself because he was exiled from Verona. Another lesson I learned was to communicate effectively. In the play due to miscommunication three people died in the end. So, after all these two lessons were very helpful to me and to take with me throughout my life decisions and actions.

Created by Jan Carlos Vento

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