How to make a Smore

By: Anna Dively

Choose a design!

When looking at the screen, on the right hand side there will be a small panel. One the panel where it says "Design" with the mini paint brush, I recommend to choose "Modern" if its just for a newsletter. If it were to be a party or something you could always choose a different theme-- accordingly, but since it is fall I will be choosing the Pumpkin theme.

Next Step: Choose a background and a color!

Right under "Design" there should be a picture that says "background" choose a picture from there and it should change the background. After that right to the right choose a color that matches the background.

Step 3: Fonts

When you have everything chosen, you can finally choose a font that will look nice with your flyer! If you have already found Background and Colors, Font is to the very right of them.


When you finish your flyer and you decide you want to move "Step 3" to the top, all you have to do is drag that up to the top, then you would have to retype the title to "Step 1". Smore does not switch it for you.

I hoped I helped you learn how to use Smore.