by Grace Goodwin


Slovenian culture is celebrated on February 8. The achievements of

Slovenia's artists are rewarded, and cultural festivities are organized for this day. About half of the population is Roman Catholic. They speak Slovene or Slovenian. Meals are an important part of Slovenian family life, although every region in Slovenia has its own specialities, most of Slovenia's oldest traditional dishes are made using flour, buckwheat, or barley, as well as potatoes and cabbage. The traditional dress for a Slovenian woman consists a white shirt, sort, apron, headscarf, and may include a belt, sash or scarf. The male version of traditional Slovenian costume consists of a white shirt, vest, cropped pants sometimes made of leather, leather boot or shoes.


Slovenia has a Parliamentary republic which is lead by prime minister, Miro Cerar. They became a republic in 1937.

Current Events in Slovenia

An Italian aircraft carrier, which had had maintenance in Trieste, strayed into Slovenian waters during deployment on Thursday, Maritime Administration head Jadran Klinec has confirmed, saying the Cavour aircraft carrier had probably been trying out its engines.


Bled Castle is a medieval castle built on a precipice above the city of Bled in Slovenia, overlooking Lake Bled. It is f