News from Room 15

O2K Class

April 11-22, 2016

Dear Families,

We had a great time learning about weather the last few weeks. I think the favorites were windy and stormy weather. For the next two weeks we will be learning about spring and flowers. Spring is a great time of year for learning about new life and outside activities. Some highlights will be planting flowers, observing plants grow and tracking their growth in journals, matching mommy and baby animals, and making baseball cards. We will also be learning about using graphic organizers and sharing information with our classmates.

  • Discovery with Dads is coming up in a few weeks. Please return your RSVP slips and see below for more information.
  • We would love to have more parents in for classroom helpers! There are still plenty of days to sign-up. If you are unable to come in for the day but can send in a snack, we would appreciate that too.

Have a great week!

~ Ms. Jackie, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Patrice

Theme and Stories We Will Share

Spring and Flowers

When Spring Comes by Robert Maass

Spring Is Here! by Mary Packard

Now I Know Baby Animals by Melvin and Gilda Berger

Grow Flower, Grow! by Lisa Bruce

In the Garden by Scholastic

Now I Know Seeds by Melvin and Gilda Berger

Learning Objectives

We will know the name and sound for the letters Yy and Zz. (literacy)

We will be able to write the letters Yy and Zz. (literacy)

We will be able to identify sets of words that rhyme. (literacy)

We will understand that words have syllables. (literacy)

We will understand how to use a graphic organizer. (literacy)

We will be able to share information with classmates. (literacy)

We will be able to decode words and blend sounds. (literacy)

We will be able to compare and contract items. (literacy)

We will be able to put numbers 1-10 in order. (math)

We will be able to match numbers and quantity. (math)

We will be able to make groups for specific numbers. (math)

We will understand how to be safe, kind, and responsible in the hallways. (PBS)

We will know ways to calm out bodies when we are upset. (PBS)

We will be able to tell signs of spring.

We will know the life cycle of a plant.

Activities for Home

  • Look for signs of spring – such as green leaves, baby animals, bugs, or flowers.

  • Sound out words with three sounds such as cat, hop, rug, etc.

  • Clap out syllables of different words.

  • Count out groups from 1-15 at home.

Duckling Dates

  • Friday, April 22nd - Book Orders due
  • Friday, April 22nd - Rescheduled Self Control Lesson with Mrs. Beth
  • April 28th-29th - Discovery with Dads (more information to come)
  • May 2nd-6th - Duckling Days - wear duckling shirts or blue and yellow
  • May 4th - Kindergarten transition lessons with Mrs. Beth
  • May 12 & 13th - Field Days
  • May 16th, 17th , 18th - These will all be MWF attendance days.
  • Wednesday, May 18th - Last day for MWF am and pm classes
  • May 18th - Graduation

Discovery with Dads

April 28th & 29th will be Discovery with Dads! Students are invited to bring a dad, grandpa, uncle, or an adult male in their lives to share in the fun and exciting activities. All students will be able to participate even if they are not able to bring a special adult. Activities will be ongoing all morning, so it is okay if “dad” is not able to stay the whole time. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Mark Your Calendars! A graduation ceremony for this class will be held at school on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. More information will follow as the date gets closer.

Class Goal

Our class goal for fourth quarter is to give two sets of rhyming words.

Simon's Schedule

April 15-17: Carsten S.

April 22-24: Emily W.

April 29-May 1: Carter W.

May 6-8: Jocelyn G.

Contact Information

Hackmann Office: 636-851-6200