By Ryosuke Narita


The Holocaust is an evil act brought by Adolf Hitler. He specifically targeted the Jew's, killing both young and old, men or women. This unbeleivable mass genocide brought the death's of over 11 million people both Jew's and some other non-Jew's. There were deaths of many different kinds of Jews.

The Kindertransport

Kindertranport meant children transport in German. This system was made by Jewish Refugees, this plan consisted of transporting Jewish children under the age of 17. These children were sent of to England. There were about 10 thousand children tranported by train, saving the lives of innocent children. Most children that were saved were the only ones in their family that survived. The kinder transport started 9 months prior to the holocaust. The England gov. agreed to grant citizenship to all the children refugees. Many of the saved children were sent to foster homes, adoption centers, or ordinary homes that agreed to take care of the child/children. This was very important because if there wasn't a kinder transport there wouldn't be as many survivors of the holocaust as there are today. Kinder transport inspired the children that they would have a chance to survive the horrors that many other Jews had gone though.

Interesting Fact

-The firt Kindertransport took place on the 2nd of December 1938

~The first kinder transport took 196 kids to safety

Relationship of Holocaust and Kindertransport

The Holocaust caused the Kindetransport to form. If there wasn't a Holocaust there wouldn't have had a need for the Kindertransport. There also wouldn't had been many death caused by the Nazi's. The kinder transport had saved many innocent children from the horrible wrath of the Nazi's.


Kindertransport by Olga Levy Drucker

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