Paul Revere

Paul Revere lived from 1734-1818.

He was named after his father, Apollos, but it was shortened to Paul to make it easier for English speaking friends. After Revere's formal schooling, he went on to learn how to be a silversmith from his father and would later help run his shop. Paul and his family were regular church goers as well. In 1754, at just 19 his father died suddenly. Then in 1756 Paul abruptly left and joined the Massachusetts militia as a second lieutenant. He fought along side the British in the French and Indian war. He went on to settle down in Boston and ran his fathers shop. In 1774 Paul was employed as an express rider to carry news, messages, and copies of resolutions. IN 1775 he was instructed to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts, to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were marching to arrest them. This was very heroic because without him they would've gotten arrested.