Meadow Creek Monday Message

Monday, September 19, 2016

We Think, Believe, Dream, Dare!

Lesson Plans

Thank you for getting these turned in each week! Thank you for remembering to put the date on them when you save them to your folders!

Faculty Meeting

We will have a great faculty meeting this Thursday to help us get ready for our Student Led Conference Day on Ocotber 5. Please plan to join us in the Art Room at 3:18 for an important meeting! Thank you!

The district agendas will be sent to your TCs today. The agendas should be used for important talking points. There is a place for comments. That is where you have a chance to give some positive feedback to the parents. Thank you for taking the time to provide that for your students.

Meadow Creek PTA Meeting

Meadow Creek PTA will have their first meeting on Thursday, September 22. dinner will start at 5:30, with the PTA business meeting at 6:00. A fun program by "ChickenDaog" will follow at 6:30. Please be sure you attend at least one PTA meeting this year and at least one other PTA sponsored event. This first meeting is alwsys a lot of fun!

Dennis Lee Assemblies

Dennis Lee will be retuning to Meadow Creek! PTA is sponsoring this fun program for us this year. Thank you to Mrs. Garza for getting it all set up for us!

We will have two assemblies at 8:45 we will have PK - 2 and at 9:45 we will have 3-6. Please take a minute before coming to the cafeteria to review the CHAMPS expectations for being a good audience member and when it is time to leave the cafeteria to go back to class.. If you can sit near your students, it helps give them the confidence they need to be successful.

Fire Prevention Assemblies

The Bedford Fire Department will be here on Friday, October 7 to present their Fire Prevention programs to our students. There will be two assemblies one at 8:30 and the second at 9:30.

1st -6th grade will be able to make posters and they will be judged by the FALSE Alarm Gang the week of October 17-21. The 1st place winner for each grade level will get to have lunch with the clowns. I


Pay Day is tomorrow! Peggy will have your checks in the office, be sue to come by and pick your up.

Tomorrow is a great day to pay your Social Dues and to pay for your Refrigerator permit!

Important Reminders

Please be sure that at recess you are moving around and monitoring all of the students. Avoid sitting and standing to talk with other adults while outside. Our students need lots of supervision.

If a student comes to tell you about a concern, please be sure you address it with the student that was causing the problem. "Just don't play with them" does not help the child who may have made a bad choice. I know you use your best judgement when to follow up and when to redirect but be sure to validate and investigate when it is needed.

Do You Drink Coffee?

Be sure to bring Peggy a can of coffee to add to our pantry! Just pick up a can of your favorite coffee, bring it to Peggy and when we need another can to make coffee in the morning, we will be able to have an assortment o choose from. We will let you know when we are about to run out and ask you to bring another can. Right now our pantry is empty! Thank you!

Professional Development Opportunities

It is so important and helpful to attend your curriculum previews. It gives you insight to the upcoming six week's curriculum but it also give you a chance to talk to other teachers for ideas and suggestions. Please be sure to attend all that you can!

September 19:

4th grade: SS, 3rd grade : Math, K-2: Science

September 20:

5th grade: SS, 6th grade: ELA, 6th grade: Science

September 21:

6th grade: SS, 1st grade: ELA, 2nd grade: ELA, 3rd grade: ELA, 5th grade: Math, 6th grade: Math

September 26:

K: ELA, 2nd grade: math, 5th grade: Science

September 27:

1st grade: math, 6th grade: PAP Geometry curriculum, 4th grade: Science

September 28:

4th grade: ELA, K: Math, 6th grade: Math STAAR Preview, 3rd grade: Science

October 12:

Grades K-2: RTI: PM with F/P Kit

October 18

1st-6th Grade: SI Curriculum Preview, K: Conscious Discipline

Teach Like a Champion.....

Chapter 5: Creating a Strong Class Culture

The five principals of classroom culture include discipline, management, control, influence and engagement. Builiding a classroom culture that sustains and drives excellence requires mastering these five skills of your relationship with your students. Some teachers don't see the difference between them.

Management: Management is the process of reinforcing behavior by consequences and rewards. Effective classrooms need management systems. Management though, cannot sustain itself without the other four principles of a positive culture. If you over-rely on just the management, student become desensitized to the consequences. Strong management is not only a positive part of an effective classroom but a necessary part, but again, it must be combined with the other four components.

from Teach Like A Champion by Doug Lemov

Happy September Birthdays

September 6 - Gwen Earnhart

September 6 - Susan Lamphere

September 16 - Jenny Theiss

September 18 - Cheryl Chamberlain

September 24 - Maria Eugenia Diaz

Upcoming Events

September 19 - Black and Blue Food Drive begins

September 19 - Bus Evacuation drill

September 21 - Dennis Lee Performance PK-6 Times TBD

September 22 - Faculty Meeting

September 22 - Mad Science starts

September 22 - Meadow Creek PTA Meeting

September 27 - 5th grade Science CBA 1

September 30 - All Pro Dads' breakfast

September 30 - End of the first six weeks, grades due