Mrs. Edelmon's Classroom News

March 31, 2014


This week at Pebble Creek will be an exciting week! Our fourth grade students will be able to shine and show all they have learned about writing! The STAAR test will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Although first grade is not a testing grade, the STAAR test will affect our schedule on these days. Our lunch time will be moved to 12:00 - 12:30 on both days. Please make sure you child has a good breakfast that day as we will be going to lunch about an hour later.

Last week, the children had fun participating in an assembly line to create cars for our Inventor's iPad project. Below, are pictures of the "factory workers" building their part of the finished cars!

Reader's and Writer's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop, we continue to learn how to read and find facts in nonfiction texts. The students thoroughly enjoy reading and learning about all topics from animals, people, places, and even planets! They are like "sponges" as they soak up all this knowledge!

In Writer's Workshop, they are writing "All About..." books. Here, they are the experts on their topic and writing about it to teach others all about their topics. In the books, they are including a table of contents, headings, diagrams and pictures with labels and captions, and glossaries. They will even include an All About the Author page!

The children enjoyed a fun writing activity this week. We decorated our own cowboy boot and wrote a descriptive paragraph about our "lost" boot. As each child read his/her description, the rest of the class help locate the lost boot among the displayed boots.

See pictures of the activity below.


In math, we have been learning about time. We made our own clocks to practice telling time as well as using plastic clocks, games, and smart board activities to learn telling time to the hour and the half- hour. This week, we move to measuring objects with non-standard units (paper clips, snap cubes) instead of standard units (inches or feet with rulers or tape measures). Lots of hands on activities help reinforce both of these math skills.