The Telephone

The newest trend in technology!

This is the telephone, it is used to make calls to people who could be right next door, or across the country. You can talk to whoever’s phone number you have, just by dialing it on the phone!! Sure, you have the telegraph, or mail, but can the telephone allows you to talk to whoever you want in a matter of seconds! With mailing letters it could take up to weeks before the person receives your message!

What all can the telephone do?

1. It has made it easy to talk to people about a certain situation or problem

2. It has made it easy to call for help

3. it has made it possible to talk to someone across the country and share ideas/thoughts.

4. It has made it possible to connect with people, like family members, you don’t often see.

5. It has made it easier to catch up on the latest news.


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