SHS Triannual Newsletter

Fall 2021 Volume 4

Letter from the Principal

Dear Students & Families,

Congratulations! We have made it through the first trimester of in-person learning! It honestly is great to have the students back and in classes full time. The staff and I were discussing that the last time our Freshman had a full 'normal' year of school was their 6th grade year. Seniors' last full year was Freshman year. This realization has made us rethink some of our practices. We want all students to feel safe and supported both physically and mentally.

I hope that students are enjoying the trimester system. I know it is different than past years when we ran semesters and adds an extra transition, but it aligns so well with students who are taking college classes and allows for students who do not pass a class to get back into the class and not have to wait a whole year. It also opens up so students can take more electives.

I want to say how proud I am of students coming forward and bringing in reliable resources to make changes to our bell schedule. We love when students get involved and advocate what is best for them. With the new bell schedule, we have expanded Mentor/Mentee class to 45 minutes so there is time to get lessons done and extra time for help if needed.

Mentor/Mentee class is required for graduation and makes sure we are taking care of our career education credit. This class is an all-or-nothing class. So students must complete all assignments. This class is central to our Mission and vision at Scio High School.

Our mission and vision here at Scio High School:

Mission: We the staff of Scio High School empower all students to be adaptable, respectful, and option-ready through providing a safe and supportive environment.

Vision: Empower students to dream BIG (Believe, Inspire, Give) in a safe environment. Dream Big, No limits, No Excuses!

We want students to be ready for anything.

Thank you all for your continued support of Scio High School. Together we are stronger. Stay safe and healthy and as always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns,

Mrs. Blackwell

Clothing 1 Students

Students made log cabin quilts, scrappy quilts, a few skirts, stuffed animals, and lots of handmade blankets using fleece or crocheted with large soft yarn.

Scio Bungee Adventure

In Physics we were studying Gravitational Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, and Elastic energy to calculate how much string needed to be added to a rubber band to make sure the action figure fell 20 cm from the ground before being pulled up by the "bungee cord". We had to calculate the spring constant of the rubberband through experimentation and predict how much it would stretch based on the mass of the action figure and its height when it "jumped".
Big picture

Government Students Advocating for Fundamental Rights

Government students were tasked with creating a one-pager about the three rights that they believe are fundamental to human existence. In addition to drawing a picture, they had to explain why they believed that these were the three most important.
Big picture
Big picture

Computer Science

In computer science, students were tasked with coding a program that animated a story of their making. Here are two that were made by Brian and Benson Phun, respectively. Once you click on the links below it will open in the program and all you have to do is hit run to see the animation!

Broadcast Media

Students were instructed to take a major motion picture, and genre-bend the film’s trailer so that it creates a new tone,

  • An example would be taking ELF and making it into a horror/thriller movie.

  • This video was made by Ty Nelson.

Forestry 3/4 Class

Forestry was able to use a portion of our Perkins funds (grant funds from the state( this year to purchase a few game cameras that we will use to track wildlife on the property that we use as our "school forest". These are some pictures of Forestry 3/4 and their trip out to check the cams for the first time on 12/16/2021. The cams were put out on Tuesday 12/14/21 and already there is quite a bit of wildlife!

Patterns Physics

Mr. Free and Mr. Shown have been working with sound waves in the second half of the physics classes. In the pictures below you see students enjoying the effects of a chladni plate where a standing sound wave makes specific patterns with sand depending on the frequency of the sound resonating from the material. The laser is the same principle but projected on a wall for a psychedelic visual.

Leadership Students Create fun competition to bring in record number of items for Food Drive

Drum roll please! Scio High School students under the careful planning and collaboration of SHS Leadership, Scio Fire Department, and Centennial brought in 8356 items for the food drive this year! That is a record number of items! We love the community spirit and the friendly competition that this year's food drive brought in!