Marvelous Morocco

God, Nation, King


Morocco is one of the countries of the northern part of Africa. Morocco's capital is Rabat , while it's government is constitutional monarchy. The population is 33 million people. While the GDP is $122 billion , the literacy rate is 67.08%.The GDP is good because it is a small country for a big GDP and since other bigger countries have their GDP less than $100
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The flag of morocco

The flag colors had a specific meaning

Red- Descendants of the prophet Mohammed

Star- The seal of solomon





Kefta Tangine



Why you should visit Morocco

You should visit Morocco because it has wonderful places to visist like the deserts and if you plan to camp there expect to fall asleep under the starry skies.The festivals too so you can experience Morocco rich heritage and culture
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One interesting fact is that the spinosaurus lived in morocco. The Spinosaurus lived during the Cretaceous age and ate fish.It was as big as the T-Rex, the approximate weight is 8 tons.It got it's name the year 1915.The sail on its back helped the dinosaur cool down if it was too hot ithadbines and blood vessels


Moroccans are extremly hospitable and very tolerant. Though most people are religious , they are easy- going . Nonetheless you should not affront people's beliefs and if have a really good attitude you might make good friend once you get to Morocco. Traditionally men are on the streets and women are on taking care of their houses


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