Hunter Love

Aluminum cans

North carolina uses over 74,072,000 aluminum cans each year that just get throwed away and wasted.


we can use less cans and the ones we do use recycle them and melt them down to use them again for more cans or other items.

One can thats recycled can power a tv for 2 hours.

aluminum can can be recycled within 60 days.

every minute 113,204 cans are recycled.

one empty can is worth around one cent.,

20 recycled cans is the same amount of aluminum to make one virgin can.

65% of americas aluminum is recycled.

americans on average recyle 2 out of 3 cans they use.

making a can from recycled cans is 95% cleaner for the air.

100 watt light bulb can burn for 4 hours from one recycled can.