Rachel Adams

Statement of Theme

My theme of my life is where everyone gathers at my grandfathers funeral and shows how strong we stick together through the hardships.

Grandpa's Funeral

My grandpa's death was one of our family greatest disaster. Everyone was crying and was mourning over his death. But when we came together at the funeral everyone was bright and happy for some reason. We all new he had died week ago yet we were all happy. Something tells me we knew he was dead and we knew that their was no going back so we continued to move forward knowing that he's looking out for us above. Even though I knew my grandpa died I didn't cry and I never knew why. But I know I have to keep moving forward.

Plot Events

  • Everyone gathers around in a group and pray together and put each other arms around each other. We would later sit in a group. All the adults would start telling stories about grandpa when they were younger. they would start talking how great of a father or uncle he was. They said always hold the people you close cause you never know when they could disapper.
  • My grandma gives us all the families a stuffed doll. It has a cross around it's neck made out of wool. She gives one to each family. So we can all have something to look back at and remember him. Also let us be able to keep the memories of him close.
  • almost everyone is smiling at the funeral. Even though we know we lost someone dear in our family. We knew he was never coming back but he still smiled any way. Almost everyone was smiling and jummping up and down. After all it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

Turning Point

At of all the events everyone smiling at the funeral was the best part. Everyone knew we lost something from our hearts but we just smiled on because we believed it was going to be ok.


This story took place at a church in des moines.
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"I'm Gone"

Will you miss me when i'm gone. I wonder what will happen in the future but for now i'll worry about now.
Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")

"Don't Give Up!"

No matter how sad you are you can't give up hope. Pandrox box was told to have hope inside. Some people say "what happens if hopes not in their". For hope to be their is your disecsion. Do you have hope or not. The hope will always be their for me because I want it to be their.
Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder [OFFICIAL VIDEO]