Mrs. Reynolds

Health Class


Health Education gives students the opportunity

to develop the knowledge and skills necessary

to practice healthy behaviors to improve their

quality of life. This 9 week course will cover a wide range

of health topics such as nutrition & fitness, disease

prevention, first aid, substance abuse prevention,

developing a healthy self, and developing healthy


Class Values

My goal as a teacher is to have my students participate in THEIR learning process. My class consists of engaging, hands-on activities. These activities can only take place in a safe, comfortable environment. In order to create such an atmosphere,

I have five values my class will be expected to follow:

-Be Prompt

-Be Polite

-Be Prepared

-Be Honest

-Be Engaged

Course Materials

1 subject notebook

This notebook will stay in the classroom and be used the whole time you are at Ellis.I will keep them in my room for you from year to year. If you take your notebook out of this room it is your responsibility to bring it back!

Pencil or Pen

Glue Stick and Scissors

Markers and Colored Pencils

Late Work

Students will do most assignments in class, but they will occasionally have homework.

Half credit may be given to assignments turned in more than one day late. I will not accept late work after that unit is over.

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