The News On Chikungunya

The critical questions, answered.

What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a virus that is transmitted to people from mosquitoes. Symptoms include joint and muscle pain, headache, fatigue, fever and nausea. This virus has not cure but there is treatment "focused on relieving the symptoms" (WHO|Chikungunya).

Relation: Education, Economy, and the Environment

To prevent Chikungunya, we must educate ourselves on how this virus starts and what to do to lessen the chances of getting it. Knowing that having standing water attracts the mosquitoes and supports the "breeding of the mosquitoes" (WHO|Chikungunya). Chikungunya also causes "economic losses" as tourism decreased 60% because of the fear of catching the disease (Chikungunya Outbreak...). This disease comes from the Caribbean and is usually popular during the winter. Based on the environment you are in, it is best to know to have an air conditioned place (Chikungunya Outbreak...).

Prevention of Chikungunya

To prevent this disease, it is recommended to empty out standing water, use bug repellent (containing DEET), wear long sleeves and pants, and a insecticide vaporizer (Prevention|Chikungunya).