Edgewood's Tiger Talk

January 2016 Edition

Mrs. Boyd's Update

The "New Math" is something that frequently finds itself debated in our Facebook feeds. As a parent, it's pretty frustrating to have your elementary student bring home their math homework, and not recognize what they're doing. Below is a bit of information about the way math is taught in schools today.

At the heart of the "new" ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide are concepts of place value and number sense. Strategies that students learn aim to help them understand how numbers work together, and how they can be manipulated to help you solve problems. The example below highlights something we all do frequently, and it's at the basis for what the "new" strategies teach.

You're buying a muffin at the bakery for breakfast and the total price is $2.60. You hand the cashier a $10 bill. How much change should you get? Chances are, you don't grab a napkin and start slashing out tens and borrowing ones as you go. Instead, you think, "I'd need 40 cents to get to the next dollar, making $3, and then I'd need $7 to get to $10, so my change is $7.40."

In school, students learn many strategies, and the strategies get more efficient as they progress. After students have developed a strong foundation in more concrete methods we teach the algorithms you know. Below are video examples of two of many the strategies students learn in school for addition/subtraction, and then for multiplication.

Using an Open Numberline to Add and Subtract

Breaking Apart Numbers to Multiply

If you'd like to learn more, I invite you to come to the District sponsored Math Information night on January 21st from 6-7 pm at the High School Performing Arts Center.

Avoid lost clothing by labeling hats, gloves, jackets, snowpants, and boots with your child's name!

Cold Weather Policies

  • Students go out for recess unless it is below 10 degrees (with or without windchill)
  • Students without snow pants and snow boots are limited to playing on the black top if it's plowed (which isn't nearly as fun).
  • Greenfield Schools usually only close if the weather hits the WARNING level. For cold weather, the WARNING level is a sustained -35 degree windchill or lower. Greenfield Schools do not necessarily close if MPS closes.

Upcoming Dates

January 12: EHSA Meeting, 6-7pm in the Media Center (3rd grade, Mr. Warneke, and our Instructional Coach will be attending)

January 12: 4K/5K Literacy Night from 5-7 at the Greenfield Library

January 15: Students should wear their school shirts! (The new gray ones)

January 20: Winter Concert at GHS, 6:30 (K5-2), 7:20 (3-5)

January 21: Parent Math Informational Night at the GHS Performing Arts Center, 6-7pm

January 29: Students should wear their school shirts! (The new gray ones)

February 4: EHSA Spaghetti Dinner at Edgewood

February 9: EHSA Meeting, 6-7pm in the Media Center