As the Days Wane Away

Sliding Past the SOLs this Week

Reading for the Standards of Learning

We had a nice conversation today about the Reading SOL. At this point, I asked everyone if they could read. Once we established that they could, it was all about using the strategies and tools they have learned to make sure they are completely reading the passage, reading it again, and then going back to find the answer to each question.

This year, we have split the reading portion into two days. Each day features three reading passages and the questions that go with them. Don't worry if your child comes home and says they didn't take too long compared to last year's reading.

The Week Ahead

We are NOT having a TFK this week. We are continuing our Middle Ages work and will have our castle projects completed by Friday. In addition, we will finish our biography timelines and poems this week.

Next week we will start our final writing project and final book unit.

For planning purposes, Field Day is Friday, June 3rd.

And there are only 15 days left of school.