The Diary of Anne Frank


Peter loves his cat Mushi so this cat will symbolize the love for him. At one point in time they were threatening to throw out Mushi and Peter said, "if Mushi goes I go". Peter is quite taken of this cat and can talk to Mushi and feel safe and secure when in his presence. He loves this cat more then anything. He is also protective over him. When Anne tried to watch him feed Mushi he quickly said no and started blocking out any thought of someone helping with Mushi.



This symbol represents Peters love for his cat Mushi. When around this feline he feels like he can be himself. He is open to his cat because he knows Mushi won't judge him. He feels safe and secure when with Mushi. He is also protective over him. He didn't even want Anne to feed him.


Peter is like a shadow. Shadows are always quiet and try to seclude themselves from everyone by falling behind or In front. He is shy like a shadow because it seems like you can never get to them. When people start talking to him he stutters and is shy. An example is when Anne first started talking to him all he did was stutter and pause scared of talking to her. He had never really talked until he met Anne. She brought him out of his shadow just a tiny bit.


You Must Take Risks To Survive

You must take risks to survive is one theme in The Diary of Anne Frank. An example of this is when Peter takes the risk to go turn off the light when they hear someone down stairs, "Mr.Frank motions to Peter to turn out the light. Peter tries to reach it, realizes he cannot, and gets up on a chair. Just as he is touching the lamp, he loses his balance. The chair goes out from under him. He falls" (406). Another example is in the beginning when they all actually take the risk to hide in the Annex when they all knew the outcome of being caught. Meip is also taking a huge risk to let the Franks and Van Dans hide because she could be prosecuted for hiding Jews from the Nazis. That soon does turn to the worst

Family Can Help Out Even In The Toughest Of Times

Family can help out even in the toughest of times is also a theme in The Diary of Anne Frank. An example is when they were all having Hanukkah and they briefly forgot about the troubles of the world around them because they were all together as a family. On pages 402 and 403 Anne makes present for everyone to help set the mood right. They all sing and laugh with joy together as a happy and care free family. A second example is when they are having the very small New Years party together and are celebrating how close the end of the war is. Miep brings a small cake for them to share amongst each other and feel like a family once again instead of fugitives hiding from the disaster going on around them.