Mesopotamia Times

Agriculture Update

The agriculture update in Mesopotamia today is good. Our new coined money system is very popular and making trade very easy for us.Our crops are also doing very well,were using barley and wheat like grain called emmer.Innovations is the new way of doing things now.The one bad thing is that agriculture is causing war and people are trying to take other peoples land which isnt good.Trading is also doing very well too.Our farms have produced enough food to create a surplus which is good for the settelers that come and settle
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Weather Emergency

There is a severe weather alert for Babylon.There is a big sand storm coming our way tomorrow.To prepare for this storm you should stay indoors and try to wait it out.If you dont do this you could potentally die or severely die.So i suggest that you stay indoors.The geography of this storm is dark and very dirty and thats the weather artical!Be prepared.


Whats new in Babylon we got more settlers coming in so its more crowded.Also inventors are coming out with new inventions that are changing our lives and how we live.Inventors are coming out with technology like resoviors which we use to store to use remaining flood water and buildings dike and canals and tools which led to building cities.This is changing our lives so much easier by not doing all the so hard stuff and that is you news update for Babylon.
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