Athens Greece

By: Kayla Buono, and Pele Rensel

Athens Intro

Athens was a very important city-state during the time of Ancient Greece. Athens was known for their education, art, and knowledge. A city-state is a city that with it’s surrounding territory forms an independent state. Athens was one of the top two city-states in Ancient Greece Sparta was the other city-state. Sparta and Athens did not get along. Sparta was known for their warriors. Athens was very different from Sparta, but Athens was a better city-state! Athens was better because Athenians didn’t send our children to warrior school which was very harsh. Athens sent their kids to normal school to learn reading, writing, fitness, and math. Overall Athens is the better city state of the two main city states in Ancient Greece, and this is because here in Athens does not teach kids in the community violence, but they teach them to have a good education, which explains why Athenians are the better role models compared to the Spartans. Athens was the most important city-state of Ancient Greece because of there education, there government, and the people and there benefits.

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Athens Conclusion

Athens was the most important city-state of Ancient Greece because of their government, their education, and the people that benefited there. Ancient Greece was the best city-state because they focused on things that were very important to form a good society and government. One very important aspect that they focused on was their government. In Athens they wanted their people to have a say, therefore any male citizen over the age of 18 could vote for a representative which would then design rules and hold an election to see which law or rule the people agreed with. This was very important, and one reason why Athens was a very strong city-state because it helped people to understand that they did have a say. Secondly, Athens grew to be a strong city state because they focused a whole lot. This definitely benefited the whole community because if everyone had went to school and learned about everyday things, along with actual mathematics and such, then their would be more people eligible and smart enough to make up laws and become representatives, unlike the spartans. Also this would be an advantage because the people voting would have a smart and reasonable vote. Lastly, another reason why Athens was so successful was because they focused on people who benefited. By doing this, people who were not as fortunate would then learn and take suggestions from the benefited people, and then would benefit himself. Overall, it is shown that Athens was overall a very successful city-states and their was many benefits to living in Sparta. Sparta should take some notes from their rival Athens!