Media in Schools

Sydney Pritchard, Alex Briggs, Lexi Leake


  • Media improving education

  • Media is beneficial to education because it improves comprehension, promotes adaptability to change, and prepares students for the real world.

  • Media has impacted the world and education specifically and students teachers are implementing it in all aspects

  • Controversial Topic that can be seen as positive


  • Media provides instant access to information
  • Media provides a variety of learning tools
  • Helps to prepare for exams
  • Allows for online classes and online information
  • Increases creativity and collaboration


  • “Media Multitasking”

  • Life skill that students must learn and be able to pick up for accomplishing assignments now and in the future

  • Way of life

  • “It is possible that with all the media multitasking practice our brains will adapt and be able to balance both multitasking and extended concentration”

  • Social Media Benefits

Collaboration/ Communication

  • 53% of all 2-4 yr olds have used a computer

  • 90% of all 5-8 yr olds have used a computer

Real World Preparation

  • Education evolved from teaching by paper and pencil to in-depth virtual worlds

  • Media is being used in every aspect of education: cultural understanding, medical advice, library components, and art-making

  • Improvements made to media and technology to help students learn about what is happening in the real world