Upheld by a right hand*

The Newsletter of Cartoonist and Puppeteer Clayton Roederer

*Upheld by a right hand refers to the Biblical verse, Psalms 63:8.

Biblical + Entertainment = Bibletainment

That simple equation represents basically what I'm all about.

My name is Clayton Roederer, and I'm a cartoonist and characature artist, as well as a musician (piano, guitar, ukulele, bongos), a self-titled Biblical historian, and a VeggieTales/Phil Visher historian. Ever since 2010 I knew my purpose in life, based on Matthew 4:19, which reads "Come, and I will make you fishers of men." (Which is why my puppet characters/group is called The Fishermen.) I thus came up with this little equation:

Biblical + Entertainment = Bibletainment

Let me explain...

Biblical: All of my work is somewhat centered on the Bible, biblical values, or the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In a world like ours, all we have is (in a very unblunt way of saying) Sin, Death and Hell. Prostitutes; drug dealers; thieves; murderers. All these things are present due to one snake and an apple. So it's our job (as Christians) to spread the word that there is a way to get into heaven (be sure to look up Acts 4:13 later).

Entertainment: In all that I do, I try to be entertaining/funny. Y'know why nobody watches the news anymore (other than maybe Ted Koppel or Anderson Cooper's son)? Because it ain't got no humor! Unlike, say, Animaniacs, or, Duck Dynasty, or even, NCIS, the news has no humor. So more people are more likely to know who Wakko Warner, Si Robertson and Tony DeNozzo are and less who Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper or Ted Koppel are.

In conclusion, my main goal in life is to see if I can find a way to bring joy to the world (the LORD is come...I love Christmas), and also spread the fantastic joy, known to the world (or some of it) as life in Christ.

And also to prove that Christians are NOT BORING!!!!!

Iron Man, GI Joe, Necronomicomics...and an orange bear named Edward.

Flashback with me real quick.

It's 2003. Big Idea, Productions has recently gone under, Fraggle Rock celebrates it's 20th anniversary, we start debating between Bush and Kerry...and an orange bear named Edward is born out of the mind of a five year old.

There was a bear. His name was Edward: Edward Theodore Bear. He was created by a young boy whom at two discovered he could draw. The boy had drawn lots of things, but happened to form a certain bond with this orange crayon-drawn bear on the back of a notebook cover. He saw that the bear was good, and so he remembered how to draw him, and kept him.

Edward became an orange bear with poofy fur, a big red bowtie and...actually, nothing (I don't know if I-I mean the boy-saw him as a nudist or more of a teddy bear for lack of pants...but I digress). But the boy saw that this look wasn't good. So a year or two later he came out with a bear with a Fraggle Rock t-shirt, blue jeans...and freakishly big ears (and he also received a major haircut).

Now come back to 2013.

Big Idea is now under the lead of Speilburg and everyone else at DreamWorks Animation, Fraggle Rock is thirty and is coming out with a new album, we have our first African-American president...who goes by the name of Barack Obama...and Edward is now ten years old (actually, in the stories, he's about 23...but, again, I digress).

He has been seen by several people in Ohio, West Point (New York), Hampton (Virginia) and Elizabethtown (there isn't any other Etown than in Kentucky, is there?).

And I have now officialy decided to put him and a few others (Elizabeth Taylor Bear, Paul R. Bear, Tyler Tiger, Chicklet, Beezly Bear, Big Daddy [a bull], Henry the Elephant and Lucifer [a duck]) in my first "available" comic book, Century 21 Prophets.

Coming soon...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrre's EDWARD!!

Here's just to give you an idea on how Edward looks (he's the one with the red-and-yellow baseball shirt and jeans). The top one is how I pictured people like Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat...and Edward, take a bath. It was an interesting idea to explain why they have that little "mask" (as Disney Animation calls it) on their face/body 24/7. The other is a little gag I came up with using the classic Looney Tunes company ACME. The other two are Paul (R. Bear) and Eliazabeth (Taylor Bear). The last pic is just a sketch page of E, El and P. NOTE: I'm not certain how Edward and Elizabeth's relationship REALLY is; I just think I might make it a distant Mickey/Minnie relationship. That's all for now, guys. Later!