The Road to Perseverance

Nicole Tomte


Perseverance is the way a person reacts to an adversity and how that person keeps fighting and never gives up. One individual can not persevere alone. Usually in most scenarios a person will rely on others to help them persevere.
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When a person perseveres they can triumph the adversities and have success in their life!

Kid President (cause and effect)

Robby Novak faced many adversities in his life. Robby has a rare brittle bone disease that has lead him to over 70 bone breaks and 14 surgeries. He wanted to stay strong and be a normal kid so he did just that. It turns out that Robby is a very eloquent speaker and started a YouTube channel called kid president. Due to the fact that Robby wanted to be a normal kid, his videos have gotten over millions of views. This shows real perseverance because even when adversities strike, he never gave up.
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This is Robby Novak in the White house!

The Sandy Road (sequence)

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A Carp Gives a Lesson in Perseverance (descriptive)

In the short story "A Carp Gives a Lesson in Perseverance" a carp shows great perseverance, as well as a young man. In the story a man was walking home from a rough day of work and either wanted to quit his job of kill himself because he was so overwhelmed. For instance he was walking home he walked past a frozen lake and saw a carp trying to get a piece of sembi that was laying on the ice. The fish was so determined to get the sembi that he would have done anything to get it. He kept jumping and breaking the ice, cutting off scales on his body, bruising himself but never gave up and eventually got the sembi. The man had been inspired so instead of giving up, most importantly he went back to work and didn't let it get the best of him.
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Even though a carp is just a fish anyone or anything can have adversities and have to overcome them.

Losing to Win (problem solution)

The short film "Losing to Win" has a very strong and powerful message. In this film girls from Carroll Academy faced adversities, some consist of drugs, parents being in and out of their life due to drugs and alcohol, and many more. The girls faced this adversity and joined the Carroll Academy Lady Jags basketball team to get their life together. As a result, this is what solved the problems in the girls lives. The Lady Jags went on a 212 game losing streak but they never gave up. Loosing actually lead them to win in life because they needed to know how to face their adversities and not give up. I think everyone can learn from this experience because every single person in this world has faced an adversity but not all persevere.
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Overall perseverance is a big role in everyone's life. No one in society is perfect and everyone has adversities and will have to overcome them. No matter the situation, persevering is an important lesson in life. Todays world is a lot about fame and popularity, those people will do whatever it takes to knock others down just to transform into a famous popular person. This will confine a person to thinking that they aren’t good enough when really, they are.