Language World 2014: ALL Joined Up

Dear delegates,

We would like to thank you again for coming to Language World. We hope you found the conference enjoyable and that it has been an opportunity for you to interact and exchange ideas with other delegates as well as speakers.

Speaker presentations

We’re pleased to tell you that many of the presentations from speakers are now online and we’ll be adding more this week. Please view our Friday programme and/or Saturday programme, which now include handouts and presentations where we have them.


Photos from the conference are also now uploaded on our website. Click here to see our gallery.

If you are in any of the photographs and you’d rather that we didn’t use it, please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll take it off the website.

How did we do?

Finally, please give us your feedback on the conference - it’s really useful for us for future planning and for making Language World even better next year! If you haven’t already completed a paper form, please fill in our feedback form electronically.