Ferdinand Magellan

from Sabrosa, Portugal

About Ferdinand Magellan

Magellan sailed for the country of Spain. He sailed down around the tip of South America, through the islands of Indonesia, and around the tip of Africa. Ferdinand sailed from 1519-1522. Along his route he discovered the Strait of Magellan, which he named after himself. Magellan became the first European ever to sail successfully across the Pacific Ocean. Besides discovering a strait and circumnavigating the whole world, Magellan also brought back many goods and spices from his voyages. Ferdinand Magellan was not only a great explorer, but a brave, fearless and intellegent man, as told by his crew. Magellan's purpose in exploration was nothing except in search of fame and fortune. The outcome of his voyages did gain him fame, but he was killed at sea during a battle before he could enjoy all his fortune he brought back to Spain.

Magellan Leaves Portugal

New Citizen of Spain

Ferdinand Magellan has always been an explorer. Before he had a voyage of his own, he joined the expedition of Francisco d'Almeida to India when he still lived in Portugal. He also took part in the expedition to Morocco. where he was badly wounded. Magellan started having disagreements with his commanding officer, so he went to King Manuel and requested funds for his own exploration to the Spice Islands. When the King refused, Magellan returned to his studies for a few more years then went back to the King. When King Manuel declined again, Magellan left Portugal and became a citizen of Spain where King Charles l granted him money and permission to sail to the Spice Islands.