First Grade Newsletter

Oct. 1st - Oct. 5th

october = Parent Teacher Conference

Please contact your child's homeroom teacher to set up a conference.

Upcoming Events!

Oct.1st-31st- Parent Conferences

Oct. 3rd- Fall Pictures

Oct. 8th- NO SCHOOL!

Oct. 12th- Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (Drawings start at 7:30)

Oct. 15th-19th School Safety Week (Guest Speaker at Fly Friday)

Oct. 23rd- Movie Night

Oct. 23rd- Oct. 26th- Red Ribbon Week

School Pictures - - - October 3rd!

Columbus Day - - NO SCHOOL - - October 8th

Fall Festival

Friday October 12, 2018 is Fall Festival. Your child will be bringing home 50 raffle tickets to sell to raise money for our classrooms. All tickets (sold and unsold) will be due on Friday October 12th to your child's homeroom teacher. Tickets are $1.00 each. Please see the note attached to your child's raffle tickets for more information.

Fall Festival Sign- Up for Parent Volunteers

ALL 7:30 pm- 8:00 pm time slots will be clean up!

Fall Festival

When: Friday, Oct. 12th

Where: Brock Elementary

Time: 5:30- 7:30 pm (raffle drawings @ 8:00)

Sign- up times will be coming soon!

Fly Friday & Hat Day

Fly Friday- Fly Friday takes place every Friday morning. If students arrive before 7:40 they will need to go to the gym. Students who arrive after 7:40 will go straight to the Gym for Fly Friday. All students will attend Fly Friday.

Hat Day

For $1, your child is allowed to wear a ball cap (not a crazy hat). The money raised will go towards technology for our campus.

Character Trait Wednesday

Wear ORANGE on Wednesday!

Every 6 weeks we will talk about a different character trait. This 6 weeks our character trait is FAIRNESS.

Students that wear the color ORANGE on Wednesday's will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the office!

The color will change every 6 weeks.

This Week in First Grade...


Reading: Readers Celebrate and Set New Goals

Writing: Finish Publishing Books

Math: Use Pictures to Add to

Phonics: Review for Phonics Assessment

Science / Social Studies: Technology All Around Us


Reading: Word Detectives Are Always on the Lookout

Writing: Celebration of Narrative Unit

Math: Model Adding to

Phonics: Unit 2 Assessment

Science / Social Studies: Technology All Around Us


Reading: Word Detectives Look Closely

Writing: On Demand- How to Writing

Math: Model Putting Together

Phonics: Digraphs: wh, ch, sh, th, ck . . . Trick Words: as & has

Science / Social Studies: Technology All Around Us



Writing: Writers study the kind of writing they plan to make.

Math: Add Zero

Phonics: Spell with digraphs

Science / Social Studies: Technology All Around Us



Writing: Review concepts from this week.

Math: Add in any order

Phonics: Trick Words: to & into

Science / Social Studies: Technology All Around Us