Secondary Numeracy

It's about Understanding, Representation and Problem Strings

Building Powerful Numeracy

“…when we help students construct numerical relationships, they begin to believe that mathematics is understandable, that it is not all about memorizing abstract , counterintuitive rules, but instead an arena in which they can reason and use their intuitive sense.” Pam Harris, pg xiii

Understanding Numeracy

Think about this situation...You are out at a rather nice restaurant for lunch with 11 friends. The check comes and the 12 of you decide to split the bill evenly. The bill is $249. You do a quick mental estimate of a 15% tip, add it on, and round up to $300. Now, how would you do the division to figure out how much each person owes?

Do you perform the standard algorithm? Or, do you play with the numbers?

Some critical components of numeracy

The Importance of Representation...focus on relationships instead of procedures

Building Number Sense in the Secondary Classroom

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August 21, 2013

Content on this flyer came from Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle and High School Students by Pam Harris