Looking back on December

Written by Isabelle and Katelyn

Latitude and Longitude

This month we have been working on Latitude and Longitude. We have been working on finding the exact coordinates of places around the world.

Hot Cocoa + Cookies!

During the Holiday Plays we drank hot chocolate and munched on cookies. Evan and his mom brought in the hot chocolate mugs. Evan and his mom were then so nice to let us keep our mugs. Honestly the Cocoa and Cookies couldn't be better. It was a great day.

Multiple Towers

In the middle of December we did a math project with multiples. It was called Multiple Towers. Partners were assigned a certain number. The number for the Multiple tower to your right was number 19. We had to go all the way up to the twenty first multiple of the number. It was a lot of fun and gave us a little bit of struggle.

The Science Test

In the beginning of December we did a Science test on the parts of a flower. It also had some review about the parts of a seed. It was hard but not too hard. Hope we all got 4's and 3's on the test.