Self Discovery

By: Paige Meyers

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Emotional Inelligence

Extravert - 11%
Sensing - 38%
Feelings - 12%
Perceiving - 22%

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is being able to monitor what your emotions, and what other peoples emotions are.

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Grit Quotient

I am 4.18% Gritty.

This means that I have courage and a good strength in character.

What is Grit?

Grit is when one has grown to have a powerful impact on their motivation to get something done and out of the way.

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Socail Style

I am both an extrovert & an introvert.

An extrovert is when you are an outgoing person.

An introvert is basically the exact opposite of what I just explained above.

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Communication Style

12: Aggressive
13: Passive Aggressive
14: Passive
13: Assertive

I think you could say that I am pretty good with communication because I am not overly aggressive, passive, or assertive.

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Positive Psychology

I believe that I am half positive psychology because when one person has positive psychology towards something you like/dislike, the result will come out better than what one thought.


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