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Imagine your band in our beautiful oak live room, rocking your original tunes straight to tape. Get that fuzzy analog warmth that your ProTools rig lacks. Big, punchy drums! Fat & Thumping Bass! Growing Electric Guitars! A Roaring B3! Welcome back to making real music!

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77 Recording

48 Channel API 1608

MCI JH-24 2" machine

Endless Audio CLASP system

ProTools HD3 with Apogee Converters

Outboard from Manley, Neve, Bricasti, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Avalon, EMI, and many more!

Gretsch Renown Maple House Kit (or bring your own drums)
Young Chang Grand Piano

Late 50's Hammond B3 & Leslie

Tons of instruments, amps, cabinets to use during your sessions!