The 13th Reality

Atticus Higginbottom

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Atticus "Tick" Higginbottom is a young boy in the seventh grade who lives in eastern Washington. He is often picked on by kids in his school and is considered a nerd. He does not have any friends and is so self-conscious about the huge birthmark on his neck that he always wears a scarf, no matter what the temperature may be. He is highly intelligent for his age and has a very complicated mindset. Although he is not a very social person, he is in desperate need of a friend. After he receives a mysterious letter in the mail, he becomes extremely paranoid and his imagination is driven wild. When he is trying to sleep one night, he hears a strange noise and he believes that it is a deranged evil robot coming to eat him. I think that his character design of an outcast with a crazy imagination and sense of wonder is very well developed.


Despite his mind being a crazy jumble of thoughts and ideas, Tick is not all that strange on the outside. He is a very socially and physically awkward person who does not know how to talk to people and how to act around his peers. He obeys almost every command that is given to him, including those that the bullies at his school constantly bark at him. Although he is frequently picked on, he does not get upset and rather accepts his fate as the kid that people like to make fun of. He is very clumsy and is always tripping on his own feet or falling over. Tick is also very jumpy, and tends to frantically run away whenever something scares him. He enjoys reading and using computers, which is why he is always going to the library. He gets along well with his family and is friends with almost everyone in his small town. Besides being clumsy and restless, his actions are rather ordinary, the non-unique traits are made up for by the more exclusive ones.


Tick Higginbottom is a small, scrawny boy with several very notable features. His most defining trait by far is the huge purple birthmark the size of a drink coaster on the front of his neck. He is so embarrassed by it that he hides it with a red and black striped scarf. His scarf and birthmark however make him a favorite target of the king of seventh grade; Billy "The Goat" Cooper, and the rest of the school bullies. Tick also has short, pointy brown hair and deep, dark eyes. He has short ears and a small, pointed nose. His appearance may be described as that of a goblin, seeing that he is very short and skinny. Other than his birthmark and scarf, Tick does not have any other majorly distinguishable physical features. Despite not being very exquisite in his looks, Tick is a well-made character. With his sporadic personality and intriguing thought process, Atticus Higginbottom has all of the traits needed to make a good story.