10th Grade Information

Welcome to Sophomore Year!!!

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This resource is meant to help guide you, answer commonly asked questions, and start your post graduation planning.

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The counselors will be out in the hallway of the Washington building in the month of February and March to help students pick their classes for the 22-23 school year. Check the list below to see when the counselors will be in your English class.

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Credits- How Many Should You Have Right Now?

A typical incoming sophomore should have 70 credits if he/she passed all of their classes during freshman year. Students should have 100 credits or more credits by the end of their sophomore year to be on track for graduation.

Graduation and A-G Resource Page

If you want to watch a presentation and get more information about the graduation and A-G requirements click on this link.

What are the Graduation and A-G Requirements at Heritage High School?

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How To Access Your Grades, Transcript, and Progress Reports

  1. You should log on to Infinite Campus (IC) to view your in progress grades in your classes weekly!
  2. To access your transcript and progress reports, please log in to Infinite Campus (IC). When you click on the Reports tab in IC you will see a list of all your progress reports, report cards, and your unofficial transcript. Select which report you would like and download it.

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Progress Reports Dates

  • Progress reports are completed every 6 weeks. Please review the grading periods for this year, as progress report grades will be posted shortly thereafter in IC:

  • Fall 1st Grading Period Ends- 9/17

  • Fall 2nd Grading Period Ends-10/29

  • 1st Semester Ends- 12/16

  • Spring 1st Grading Period Ends- 3/4

  • Spring 2nd Grading Period Ends- 4/14

  • End of 2nd Semester- 6/8

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Need to make up credits? Sign up for PLATO (starts back up after September 6th). Contact your counselor for more information. Keep in mind that you can only work on one class at a time! The deadline for new classes in Plato is Friday, May 27, 2022. You must sign the syllabus prior to starting the class.
Month By Month Checkoff Sheet for 10th Grade

Make sure you print this list off and follow along month by month to make sure that you are on track to graduate and go to college.

  • It is important for your student to start exploring what career/college they plan to study after high school. Every Heritage HS student has a CCGI account where they can complete Career Exploration Activities. Please refer to the following link for more information. http://bit.ly/2kinogB

California Colleges (CCGI) Resource Page

Click on this link if you need help setting up your account or navigating through CCGI.

Here are the recommended activities for 10th grade students to complete in CCGI

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October 13th is Kick-Off to College Day!!

  • All 10th graders will complete college and career and financial literacy activities and be able to access activities all year long!

College and Career Center

Check-out our virtual College and Career Center! Here you will find college, financial aid, Ap testing, military information and much more!

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School Resource Center

Click on this link if you are struggling in your classes and need tutoring, study skills, help emailing your teacher, or organizational help.

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Mental Health and Social Emotional Resources

Click on this link to take you to a resource page that the counselors have created to support you in all different areas of mental health and social-emotional needs.

Anxiety and Motivation Information

  • Many students have increased anxiety, fear, and anger as a result of distance learning, COVID- 19, and coping with a new normal now that we are back in school. This anxiety presentation and resource page include a video student can watch about what anxiety is, what it feels like, and how to manage it. This link includes information on motivation and how to get started moving forward with your goals.

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Heritage High School Counselors

Click on the counselor's name for their resource page and contact information:

Coral Prendergast -10th-12th grade students with last names A-E

Cheri Adame-10th-12th grade students with last names F-L

Gilbert Velasquez -10th-12th grade students with last names M-Q

Natalie Navarro - 10th-12th grade students with last names R-Z

Guadalupe Fierros -10th 12th grade English Learner Students and RFEPS's

Melina Gonzalez - Students in the AVID program

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