There is over a billion youtube channels that are active
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How this relates to arcades

These video game players are making thousands of dollars, and they are impaction millions of people around the word in all different ways.
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Above is an arcade room

The first arcade machine was released in 1971
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Some facts about video games

67% of U.S households play video games, 12 years is the average number of years adult gamers have been playing, the average age is 34, the average gamer spends 8 hours a week playing video games


At the height of the arcade golden age, the worldwide video game industry was estimated to be worth as much as $35 billion in 1981, equivalent to over $88 billion with 2012 inflation. The worldwide PC-based game market is worth as much as $10.7 billion as of 2008.

A few games

Pac-man, Space invaders, Donkey kong, asteroids, pong, ms. pac-man, defender,

street fighter 2, galaga, tron, star wars, galaxian, dig dug, tempest, centipede, frogger,

pole position, NBA jam, breakout, super mario bros, tekken, q*bert, arcade classics,

donkey kong jr, dragon lair, joust, castlevania the arcade, tekken 7, Tetris, double dragon,

missile command, out run, xevios, burgertime, rampage, gauntlet, bubble bobble,

zaxxon, mortal kombat, smash tv, moon patrol, street fighter, arkanoid, the simpsons,

mre. do!, comouter space, time crisis, the house of the dead, paperboy, mobile suit


Games were turned into movies

There was all type of games to play from different stories and movies and books that were turned into games, like star trek. pixels, wreck it ralph,Tron,

Parents thoughts

My father said that arcades were a really big deal when he was a teenager in the 80's,