Anne Frank

Lucy H


Anne Frank was a young girl who was born on 12th June 1929 who was at the age of 13 when the world war 2 was on. Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam and she passed away on the 19th of march 1945 at the age of 15 from concentration camp Bergen-Belsen from typhus, soon after Margot. She had beautiful black hair with lovely dark brown eyes and a bright smile. She had one sister named Margot Frank, a father named Otto Frank and a mother named Edith Frank who all lived together in a small house. Anne had plenty of friends who she loved to hang out with after school but she had to be back at her house before eight for dinner. Her smile gave everyone a polite warmness in their hearts and Anne has lived in the minds and hearts of millions of people all over the world.
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It was a warm summers day but the rain was pouring down wetting the streets of Amsterdam, when Anne Frank and her family got forced to go and hide for over two years. Anne was terrified when she found out the bad news but she had no choice except to go with it. Anne carried a fantastic amount of things that were gathered up in a hurry but the most precious thing was her new diary that she has already filled several pages leading up to this terrifying event where the Jews vs the Germans in World War 2. Anne Frank and her family left their house with an amazing amount of layers of clothes on because they no more room left in their bags to carry clothes.

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On the 6th of July 1942 Anne Frank and her family left their house with plenty layers of clothing on and bags full of accessories and other special things they badly needed to take . Anne Frank and her family weren't the only people hiding with them there were also some of Otto Frank's work mates and friends of Edith Frank. The only way they can get to their dads office was by tram so they hopped on a tram and and traveled to the office. They were only aloud downstairs to have a bath or shower so they had arranged times in the the night for them to have showers. Otto Frank also arranged a cleaning lady who came once a week, every week. She cleaned the house up both downstairs and up stairs and she did the dishes till they were sparkly as ever so it look like no one was in the house.
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Every night when they go to sleep they always leave their window slightly open and they kept their lamp on in their room in case someone found them and they had to make a quick escape. Anne would sometimes read Margot's book in bed till late, just to get some happiness in her body before she goes to bed.

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