Sung's Bucket List

For my family

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#1 Paragliding over the Norwegian Mountains.

I would like to visit Norwegian Mountain in Norway with my family. I want to show beautiful rivers, mighty mountains, and green lands to my family. The physical weathering occurs by wind and running water. Erosion occurs by running water.
Amazing Paragliding Over Norwegian Mountains
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#2 Riding Glider in Waialua

I would like to visit Waialua in Hawaii with my family and friends. The physical weathering occurred mostly by waves. Waves also make erosion. While riding glider, you can see beautiful ocean, green land, and blue sky at one time.
Glider Aerobatics at the "Original Glider Rides", Dillingham Airfield, Oahu, Hawaii
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#3 Scuba diving

I would like to go Cenotes in Yucatan, Mexico with my family. I want to see what is inside of it. It looks amazing when the sunlight penetrate the water.The physical weathering happens by raining. The erosion occurs by gravity.
The Cathedrals Of Light Scuba Diving Cenotes Yucatan Mexico
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#4 Snorkeling in Rio Sucuri River

I would like visit Rio Sucuri River in Brazil. The river is really clean. I want to see this with my family. I think swimming with fish would be weird. The physical weathering and erosion occurs by running water.
Snorkeling at Rio Sucuri (Bonito - Brazil)
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#5 Floating in Dead Sea

I would like visit Dead Sea with my family so I can play with my brother and my parents can rest while floating. The Dead Sea is six times as salty as ocean. It makes people float. It is lowest elevation on the land. The physical weathering occurs. And erosion occurs by waves.
Floating in the Dead Sea