The hunger game. Catching Fire

By chris haby


Person in a story , poem, or play


The time and place of a story or play


Series of related events that make up a story or drama
The plot of the hunger game is divided between 12 districts and the capitol. And every year there is an annual game where they put one boy and one girl from each district and let the them fight to the death


Central idea of a work of literature

The inequality between rich and poor

The rich people live in the capitol or in district 1-4 and they have good health

The poor people live in in district 5-12 there health is not good at all


A story's atmosphere or the feeling it evokes
The mood / tone is sad , moving and shows when life is hard you always have someone by your side

Point of view

Vantage point from which a writer tells a story. In broad terms there are three possible points of veiw: omniscient first person and third person limited
The hunger games is a third person book

Because the characters are telling the story