Children Are the Best There Are

Deserving of Ski Holiday in France

Bob and Marianne Rogers' six adopted children have proven time and time again that they are the best children in the world. Individually, they each have a very usable skill from handling people, flying, medicine, money managing, to stress-release and always entertainment. When you bring them together, their combined strengths make them an ideal protection and care- giving squad who know exactly when to deliver a cinnamon bin, popcorn or just some tea at the perfect temperature for sipping. The also make a mean rum and coke or cocktail, shaken, not stirred. On an ongoing basis, they meticulously video research world locals and marshal arts technics, and are fluent in the largest firearms, weaponry and tech support. They are ready to go at a moments' notice.

All this highly skilled and world renown team asks in return is that they be suitably rewarded with appropriate Tummy money, a steady flow of Toonies and the opportunity to keep up their alpine training with a ski vacation in France. It is so limitless to ask for such an elite squad who risk their life to keep you safe and happy.