Steven Paul Jobs

Edgar Raymundo Clemente

Early life

Steven paul Job was born in San Francisco, CA February 24,1955. His sister is Laurene Powell Jobs. Steve jobs was a type of kid that sticks to himself and he only did competitive swimming. That is what Steve Jobs was born and what he liked to do

Steve jobs Education

Steve jobs Education the first school that Steven went to he went to Monta Lama Elementary school the other school that he went to is Homestead High school 1972 and after that he went to Cuurpertino Junior High school and he was a type of kid that always stuck to himself and inceridged himself.


Steve jobs got famous because he started making apple computers and he made the apple 1 and apple said can you make apple projects with us and he said ya sure then it came back with all the apple computers tablets phones and threw all that he got famous.