Things to Ponder...

A look at next year and summer training opportunities.

Next year, we have several things that I would like to direct our focus as an entire staff. There are lots of resources and tools that I throw out there as possibilities and help you implement, but these resources that I'd like every teacher to implement at some point in the year. Implementation is much more than trying out. It also means using on a regular basis.


We will be using Blogger next year for our teacher websites. (5-6 teachers will be using Canvas, but are welcome to have one.) I've posted quite a bit of information about how to use Blogger. I know some of you have jumped on board and have found it to be a great communication tool. Here are a list of resources I've compiled:

  1. Setup/Posting/Folders/Using the Blogger App
  2. Using separate Pages to host content for students
  3. Using students as guest bloggers
  4. The Youtube Advantage
  5. Add a Calendar
  6. Create a Photo Slideshow
  7. Youtube and Blogger: Super Easy Slideshows

There are some events scheduled for Blogger training. Two are online (PD in PJ's) and one is at the High School. Please indicate you are participating prior to the event.

Showbie for K-4

One of the most difficult things to figure out is what do we use to organize all the digital content you send and receive to and from students. We have relied heavily on email, but it is terribly difficult to organize.

A tool that I found and have had a few teachers test out is Showbie. Showbie allows you to create assignments, distribute content for that assignment, have students turn them in, and you can give feedback. Parents would be able to log into their child's account from home to view the content.

I have some resources already created, but will be making more in the near future to help you get it launched sometime next year.

I also have some "PD in PJ's" Events Scheduled below.

Front Row for K-6

Front Row is free. It also works on both iPads and Laptops. It provides data about student progress in mathematics. However, to have the data carry over from year to year does cost money. Front Row includes video tutorials on how to solve similar types of problems. It also includes a downloadable report based upon common core standards. Below is a link to a blog that tells everything you would need to know about Front Row.


5-6 teachers will want to take advantage of some Canvas training opportunities. This is a resource that will help you manage your student work. Training opportunities will be posted soon.


Sharepoint will be used to house our building documents that Karen and Heather need to share with the entire staff. This allows us to reduce the amount of duplicate files floating around. I can also create sub-sites for collaboration purposes. This would allow you to effectively collaborate with your colleagues.

5-6 teachers can also use Sharepoint to collaborate on documents with students.

Training will be available in the future. However, it functions almost exactly the same as the elearning site I created last February.

Wayne Center Staff Worksite

Rome City Staff Worksite

Knight Time Technology

Don't forget that KTT is on the 13th! Be there! :) More info below...