Prep 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, October 9th, 2015

Dates for your Diary

October 12th - October 23rd - October Mid-term Break (school CLOSED)

Wednesday, October 28th (8:05-8:45) - Exit Point for Amazing Animals! - Children will come to school dressed as their favorite animal and participate in an 'animal parade' in the ES hall - parents are invited to attend.

Monday, November 2nd - Field trip to SRT to see 'Treasure Island'

Thursday, November 5th - Entry Point for 'Changes'. Field trip to Green Circle Eco Farm

Tuesday, November 10th - National Holiday (school CLOSED)

Friday, November 13th- Deepavali Dress Up Day

Saturday, November 21st - Christmas Fair

Grade Level Nativity Plays 2015

Monday, November 30th - Prep 1 SMo, 1:00 pm start

Tuesday,December 1st - Prep 1 AKo, 1:00 pm start

Wednesday, December 2nd - Prep 1 LMe, 1:00 pm start

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Treasure Island!

The Prep 1 team is extremely excited to announce we have arranged a trip to the Singapore Repertory Theatre for our annual year-end visit to view a live performance. We are thrilled to be seeing Treasure Island. Treasure Island follows the adventure of Jim Hawkins, a lion-hearted girl who receives a treasure map from a kooky old seaman. Jim is tasked to help find the hidden treasure, but the road to riches is never smooth sailing.

The key learning goals for this trip include:

Independence and interdependence

  • acceptable behaviour
  • their ability to acquire new interests and skills
  • playing alone, alongside others and with others


  • using repetitive sounds and words, aspects of language such as rhythm, rhyme and alliteration, and to enjoy nonsense stories and rhymes
  • creating stories and symbols


  • trying things out, exploring and curiosity as important and valued ways of learning
  • social relationships and social concepts, such as friendship and authority, and social rules and understandings

Healthy Living

  • paying attention
  • coping with change

This trip is linked directly to our writer's workshop this term, narrative stories, and is a lovely tie back to our 'Treasure' unit. It will be a wonderful action-packed week for the Prep 1 children with a trip to the theatre as well as a visit to an eco-farm for the Entry Point for 'Changes'. The theatre was booked out for schools from almost the first day ticket sales opened - we were very lucky to get our spot! Please ask your classroom teacher if you have any questions - a permission slip should be in your child's bookbag.

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This week in Prep 1

It was a terrific week in Prep 1, kicked off by a fantastic turnout for our Celebration of Learning. We experienced loads of great learning, despite the continuing haze. For IPC we worked in groups playing simple charade games, having students to try and discover their partners animal by giving simple clues such as:

“I have legs”

“I eat”

“I live in”

This was a wonderful activity that helped the children consolidate much of their learning from our 'Amazing Animals!' unit. We also continued work on our class ibook project - look for those to come your way after the animal parade! For Jolly Phonics we focused on the diagraph /ch/ and the Magic 100 words, /him/ and /our/. In Mathematics we focused on sorting and classification. We identified, sorted, and classified objects, people, and animal by attributes. We also continued to work on our simple addition and subtraction with our safari themed mathematics.

Celebration of Learning

Thank you to all the parents that were able to join us for the Celebration of Learning on Monday morning. It was so wonderful to see so many of our fabulous families in the classroom looking at the impressive amount of work the children have completed during the school year. We hope you have an amazing and restful holiday!
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Week 11 at a glance....

Jolly Phonics Focus: /sh/

Magic 100 Word: /did/ and /to/

Virtue of the Week: Confidence