By YunYing(Emma) Tong



  • bird (AOB)

Special body covering:

  • feathers, dark gray on backs and white on bellies (AOB)
  • legs, feet and slighty decurved bill are pink (AOB)
  • tail is short and square (HBA)

  • only four inches long (AOB)


  • by a song which is short and moderately descending trill that softens at the end (HBAB)


For Food:


  • limber tongues can easily pull insects out from the cracks in tree bark (NW)


  • capable of climbing along trunks and branches in any direction, including upside-down (HBA)
  • found in pairs, family groups, or small flocks that is about 8-12 individuals (AOB)

Reasons for Endangerment

  • rats were introduced and ate their eggs and young (Les, David 270)
  • avian malaria and avian pox (AOB)
  • hurricanes (AOB)
  • non-native insects out competed native insects (AOB)



  • one of the Hawaiian Islands called Kauai (ESA)


  • forests (AOB)

  • forests that are between 600 and 1,600 meters elevation (AOB)
  • wet (AOB)

  • built nests using lichens and tree bark from Ohi'a and Koa trees (ESA)

Food Chain


  • a variety of insects and spiders (ESA)

  • carnivore (ESA)

  • rats (ESA)

  • cats (ESA)

  • short eared owls (ESA)

  • barn owls (ESA)

Critical Information

  • limit the populations of spider and insect (ESA)

  • Keauhou Bird conservational center has been developing propagation techniqus (ESA)
  • ecological studies are scheduled to produce a habitat that is suitable for the bird (AOB)


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