Using Video Sharing

To Demonstrate Student Learning


The best way to create a media library for safely sharing educational resources between students and teachers.
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MediaCore in the Classroom

Demonstrating Student Learning

Read Mathy Cathy's Blog describing how she has students use Explain Everything to demonstrate their knowledge of a given concept. They can then upload the video into MediaCore for sharing.

Sharing Videos with Parents

Use MediaCore for sharing all of the special events in your classroom with your parents. You can make the videos public or private. If the videos are private, you will need to have parents login with their student's Novell Login.

Flipping Your Classroom

Showcasing Student Exemplars

Use MediaCore for housing exemplar student created videos from year to year to be used as examples for upcoming classes.

Here are two examples from Lisa Johnson from WHS.

Showcasing Teachers

Embedding MediaCore Videos in Your Weebly Site