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Unit 2 Week 1 / September 19 - 23, 2016

Coming Up This Week

  • Reading - Unit 2 Week 1: LIterary Lessons - What are some lessons in animal stories?
  • Math - Unit 2: Using Numbers & Organizing Data (TEST Moved to Monday, 9/19); Unit 3: Multiplication & Division, Number Sentences & Algebra
  • Writing - Expository Writing - Friendly Letters
  • Science - Scientific Method & Tools (TEST Monday, 9/19); Chapter 2 - Technology & Design
  • Social Studies
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Unit 2 Week 1 Vocabulary

soared - flew high in the air

attracted - drew the attention of

dazzling - very bright

fabric - cloth

greed - selfish desire to have something

honest - truthful

requested - asked for

trudged - walked steadily and slowly

Students have been struggling with the vocabulary portion of weekly tests. Click HERE for a Quizlet to help with studying!

Language Arts Focus

Comprehension Strategy - Ask and Answer Questions - Good readers ask questions when there are -parts of a story they do not understand. Questions can be about why a character acts a certain way or why an event occurs.

Comprehension Skill - Theme - Theme is the central message or lesson that an author wants readers to understand.

Genre- Folktale

Vocabulary Strategy - Root Word

Writing - Expository Writing - Friendly Letters

Grammar - Common & Proper Nouns

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Southside needs Substitute Teachers!

If you are interested in subbing PLEASE contact Linda Denninger at the BCSC Administration Building. You can choose where you substitute teach and you can choose just to substitute at Southside or anywhere in the school district!

Linda Denninger

BCSC Receptionist/Sub-Coord.

1200 Central Avenue

Columbus, IN 47201

Phone: 812-376-4234


Eating Lunch with Your Student at School? We have Private Dining!

Our Mustang Cafe now offers Private Dining for you and your student when you come to eat with him or her! The Cafe is almost at capacity in every lunch period, so we have added 4 booths right outside the Mustang Cafe for you and your student (please, just your own student) to eat lunch!

Headphones $2

We use our chromebooks on an almost daily basis. As a result, earbuds and headphones can take a beating. If your student needs a replacement set of school-issued headphones, they are available in the library for $2.

Volunteer in the Wolf Den

If you'd like to volunteer, please click this link to a short survey about your interests and availability: https://goo.gl/forms/o7llZ97XPkoXmTJ32
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