Learn About Hudson

By Cam

Background Of Hudson

Henry Hudson was born in 1565 and died in 1611. He was born in England. Egland sent him on his exploration. He explored a passway to Asia. Also New York,Virginia,and Quebec. He explored in 1607,1608,and 1610.

The Journey Begins

Hudson left for exploration in Europe. He explored Quebec,Canada. Muscovy company sent him on his exploration. He intended to go to Asia.

About Were Hudson Explored

Hudson ended up in Quebec,Canada. The Iroqui Indians were already there. They built longhouses for shelter. They were started in the early 1600`s. They spoke Iroquoian and had a big population. After Hudson came he left then came back.

Did The Iroqui`s Lives Get Better Or Worse

I think the Iroqui`s lives got better because they learned from the Europeans which made there survival chances grow bigger.