Earn money with the crowdfunding

FeederTeam: the new crowdfunding system

Only a great team can lead you to success!

For most Internet marketing specialists, the number one priority when they start a business is to find motivated people that will duplicate and thus to advance. However we know perfectly that the sponsorship it not easy.

This is the reason why we decided to constitute a Team "FeederMatrix" in order to fully control the matrices we offer, so accelerate filling, offer vouchers to help sponsoring, then offer other similar system than Feedermatrix with payments members to members.

Join our team and we'll take you all very far.


Payments and withdrawals

Payments in new crowdfunding websites systems are made members to members, i.e. the money is not in the system, you are paid instantly.

Ex: Paypal account to Paypal account (member to Member).

Membership price

A single investment of $ 1.75 per participation; No monthly payment, no extra charge.

The benefits of a such system

The crowdfunding is part of the trend of crowdsourcing, which offers the contribution of several people to a single subject.

A way to earn money while being surrounded and supported.

Remarkable strengths of crowdfunding is to make transactions which allows a financial relationship based on the direct payment member to member without any intermediary. Thus, crowdfunding is a good way to promote mutual assistance, which is the basis of multi level marketing.

How does it work?

By choosing to join the FeederTeam and with a single bet of $ 1.75, we will help you to enter into several matrices. You will have an investment of $ 1.75 per participation in the system. You can choose the number of entries you want.

What About the Earning Formula?

  • Initial payment: ONLY $1.75
  • Payment systems: Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay
  • Downline structure: 4x4 forced matrix
  • Ad-coop: optional
  • Refunds: NO REFUNDS policy
  • Earning formula:
  • Give $1.75 - Get $7
  • Give $5 - Get $80
  • Give $10 - Get $640
  • Give $20 - Get $5120
  • Give $40 - Get $160
  • Give $80 - Get $1280
  • Give $160 - Get $10240
  • Give $320 - Get $81920
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