Android Apps for K-12

By Ashleigh Emerson


Kindle is an app that will allow students to access millions of books at little to no cost. By having this app you have all the same access to the feature that a kindle device would have without the actual device.

This is the app version of the website that will allow you to search for any word and give the definition. This app will take away the extra time that a student needs to look up a word in a regular dictionary. This app can also give synonyms for the word that they are looking up.

Brain POP

Brain pop is a app that allows students to watch a movie on a topic and then take a quiz to test their knowledge on that topic. This app also has a linked website that a student could use of they are on a computer instead of a portable device.


Quizlet is an app that allows a students to make flashcards and share them with people all around the world. students can use flashcards that other students in other parts of the world have already made. This can be use as a review tool as dwell as a tool for students to connect with other students around the world.


Mathboard is an app that allows students to practice their math equations. This app will generate math problems based on the type of equations that the student chooses. Students can start using this app in kindergarten and the app will grow with them through to high school.