What's New in Room 182

Mrs. Peters' 3rd Grade * June 10, 2016


Your students are 4th graders now, and, WOW, do they have every reason to be proud! It was a magical moment to circle up and reflect on our sentences and Hopes & Dreams yesterday. Not a single student hesitated when it was time to share how they'd achieved what seemed the impossible back in September.

The walls are way too bare right now and the classroom too quiet... Yet, I know that many trips to the library lie ahead this summer, new experiences with technology, and adventures that will form memories and stories...

I really appreciate how you welcomed me to Forest Hills from day 1 with your partnership, support, and a few needed Minnesota tips! You and your students helped make this year a special one to remember.

Thank you,

Mrs. Peters

P.S. - I've added a link to a slideshow of photos from the year as an "Update" in our Schoology course. Your students and I viewed it yesterday, and I'm sure they would be happy to log in and show it to you, too! (You may just need to add on your own background music... or ask your student to provide a voiceover!!)

Concluding a marvelous Mystery Reader year... Thank you, Mrs. Wichterman!

Many thanks to Will's mom for returning Monday to read the conclusion of one of our newest favorites, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. This program made our class Top 10 List for sure, and it's all thanks to so many courageous and generous readers. We appreciate you more than you know.


Open House - Wednesday, August 31 from 4-6 p.m.

First Day of School - Tuesday, September 6